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Mariel Alvarado - Today I welcome Mariel Alvarado, a soul and business coach with a flair for manifesting. She helps women brand, package and sell their services so they can transform their business from soul-sucking to soul-quenching. Mariel is a certified business strategist with over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. She helps Transformational Leaders turn their skills and wisdom into wildly successful businesses they love and have a deep impact in the world. She teaches her clients how to structure new brands, create lucrative programs and "up" their influence by employing hard core business strategies as well as an ancient soul-technology that helps them become aligned with their business at the highest level so that they can get more clients, captivate their audience and love their life. Mariel is passionate about Sales/Marketing, Money & SOUL! We talk about her secret to problem solving and overcoming fear, the sum of all of our experiences, and the journey through her personal health scare and how she was able to help herself to recover. Get ready to learn new and soulful ways to make the changes and life you want. Let's figure it out with Mariel Alvarado. ___________________________________ For more information about Mariel and her programs visit her online at and on instagram @Iam_marielalvarado. And check her out on Facebook where you can join her free group - The SELF-ish Society - Lastly, if you want to learn Mariel's formula for manifestation visit Website - Facebook - Instagram - @Iam_marielalvarado

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