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Pam Robertson - Today on Let's Figure It Out You'll meet - Pam Robertson - a Certified Spiritual Director. For over 20 years Pam has been involved in teaching women how to live more meaningful and joy filled lives. Known for her compassionate listening, coupled with her intuitive teaching, Pam has garnered a huge following and is a sought-after speaker, guide and leader. She is dedicated to raising awareness on a large variety of spiritual topics. Pam believes the intention of spiritual practices is to pull us back to the present moment so we can hear what we need. She describes her work with clients as "exactly what you didn’t know you needed." You may know Pam as the co-creator of Meredith's Jars of Joy. Today she'll share the inspirational story for creating the jars seven years ago with her oldest daughter Meredith. Pam grew into her spirituality through her own struggles. At a young age, a teacher told Pam she wasn’t smart. While the teacher was wrong, Pam believed him, and this label left a lasting impression on her. It was then after she lost her mother during her early 20s that Pam grew into her spirituality, and learned to develop her gifts. It was out of a desire to see herself and help others that she pursued her path to become a Spiritual Counselor. Pam is now a conduit to help others address their sorrows, fears and insecurities to find themselves. Today Pam and I talk about spirituality and kindness, and how a her little jar of quotes has had a big rippling effect globally. Pam holds a Masters in Ministry and a Certificate in Spiritual Formation from Drew University’s Theological School. She’s trained in The Practices of Wisdom at Moravian Seminary and recently graduated from their Advanced Spiritual Direction Program. Pam Robertson is a Spiritual Counselor serving individuals privately in her Summit, New Jersey office, as well as organizations onsite through workshops and retreats. For more information about Pam check out her website www.pamrotellerobertson.com. And for information about Meredith's Jars of Joy visit online at www.meredithsjarsofjoy.com or on Instagram - Meredith’s Jars of Joy. And if you'd like to read the Huffington Post article we reference during the call, click here. Let's figure it out with Pam Robertson.

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