The Bubble


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Jenn Stroud Rossmann - Jenn is a college professor and she just released her first fictional book, The Place You're Supposed To Laugh. It's a novel about a Silicon Valley family just after the dotcom bubble burst, and everyone in this diverse family is trying to figure out who they are, and what comes next. Many people dream of getting published and Jenn did it while balancing the demands of being a professor, wife and mother. We talk about her road to getting published, giving yourself permission, the beauty of going on a trip by yourself, and of course, the places where we're supposed to laugh. Jenn writes the essay series An Engineer Reads a Novel for Public Books. Her stories have appeared in Hobart, Literary Orphans, Jellyfish Review, Tahoma Literary Review, failbetter, and other magazines. Her work has been a finalist for honors including the BOA Editions Short Fiction Prize, the Disquiet Literary Prize, and Sarabande Books Mary McCarthy Prize. She earned her BS and PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, and is a professor of mechanical engineering at Lafayette College. She throws right and bats left. Let's figure it out with Jenn Stroud Rossmann. The Place You're Supposed to Laugh - available on Amazon Website - Twitter - @jenn_rossmann Instagram - @jenn_rossmann

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