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Wendy Kranz - Wendy is a master certified life coach and the founder of Damn Thirsty Life Coaching. This episode takes a different approach and we'll dive into one of Wendy's specialties - Tracking. We talk about her work in helping people to track their right life versus taking the path of certainty. You'll learn what tracking is, and what it might look and feel like. And along the way, of course we'll learn more about Wendy and what lead her to this work. For over 15 years Wendy has worked with individuals, executives, couples and teens who are damn thirsty for change. Wendy's specialty is helping them to create change that is meaningful and lasting. Whether they've outgrown their lives or feel stuck, she helps her clients to clarify what they ultimately want and then design action plans to get there. Wendy provides tools to eliminate the resistance that keeps people from moving forward, while expanding their vision of what's possible. She also conducts workshops and adventure retreats, and trains new coaches. Wendy has a Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science. Let's Figure It Out with Wendy Kranz and learn more about tracking and how you can track your right life. Website - Twitter - @damnthirsty Facebook - @wendykranz "... look at what it would feel like to NOT do something as much as you look at what it would feel like to do it." - Wendy Kranz -

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