Unstoppable Ease


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Sarah Papp - Sarah is a Master Certified Coach who is coaching and teaching people from around the world and guiding them to dramatic change. Industry leaders such as The Chopra Center and Martha Beck Inc. have hired her to coach and train their clientele. Many professional women are tired of hustling and feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Sarah used to be that woman - checking off all of the right boxes toward being a success. Sarah Papp created a roadmap to show them how to be successful without the hustle and to live a conscious life rooted in ease. Sarah has helped THIS fast paced Jersey Girl slow her roll, and today I'm excited to bring Sarah to you as she shares her secret sauce. Let's figure it out with Sarah Papp. Website - www.sarahpappcoaching.com January Class - www.sarahpappcoaching.com/unstoppable-ease

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