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John M. Flores - If you've ever dreamed of hopping on a Harley and riding through the countryside, this one's for you. Meet John Flores - writer, photographer, wanderer. John considers himself a lucky guy - getting paid to ride motorcycles, take photos, and tell stories. It wasn’t always that way, of course. He comes from the advertising world, and still does some of that to keep the lights on. Born in the Philippines but raised in the U.S., John grew up in the suburbs, earned a scholarship to a private school and went on to graduate from Cornell University with a major in structural engineering and a minor in architecture. Chance brought him into the world of advertising and then online advertising at the dawning of the internet. John's had a love of motorcycles since being a kid. That love of motorcycle riding and a desire to improve his writing led him to become a motorcycle journalist. He's been writing and photographing his adventures for RoadRUNNER Magazine since 2004. He's also written for Backroads, BMW Owner News, Mobile Pro, and others. Last year John went cross country on an electric motorcycle, following the route of George A. Wyman, the first person to cross the United States by motorcycle in 1903. And recently, John rode from Patagonia up the coast of Chile. This summer...a ride through Ireland! Check them out in upcoming editions of RoadRunner! When the road calls, it’s lights out, cameras in the bag, and he'll see you in a week or two. Learn more about how John figured out how to turn a challenge into a dream come true. If you'd like to learn more about John, visit JohnMFlores.com or follow him on his adventures via Instagram at JohnMichaelFlores. And Be sure to check out his most recent articles in Roadrunner magazine - available at your local newsstand.

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