Being God Your Life Purpose Lets Get Real With Carl Bozeman


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Carl is a modern-day spiritual pioneer and author born in Tacoma, Washington, but has lived in Colorado since 1974. In 2006, Carl had a profound transformative event that changed the way he viewed his life and the lives of all of us forever. Since that life-changing event, he has devoted his life to sharing his knowledge with those searching for a similar knowing. He is deeply committed to providing information to those he has envisioned are looking for something greater than that which we have been conditioned to accept as all there is! Carl’s new book On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose, imparts the message that, beyond any egocentric identity we create in this life, we are first creators of our own experience. Simply put, we are gods who have taken on human form, not for any other purpose than to experience the abundance of every aspect of human form we possibly can, and that we are already greater than anything we can conceive of with the finite and limited human mind. Sadly, the ego identity we have created over thousands of years of human evolution has masked over any idea that we are divine from the start. This has created the need for us to look outward to gods created in our own image to rule over and judge us. Carl has always been spiritually connected and driven to know the higher purposes of our existence on Earth. Over his lifetime he has sometimes felt haunted by the otherness of life we routinely fail to comprehend in the hustle and bustle of a very narrow view of awareness we all seem to accept as reality. That otherness is about which he writes. What makes him qualified to write such a book is that in his own search to find truth he found what Jesus refers to as, "the kingdom of heaven." The kingdom of heaven is not within us, rather it is us! We are all IT. We need only find it to begin to comprehend our own unique greatness.

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