Following Your Heart - Lets Get Real With Warren Wojnowski


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Who is this man and how did he get here? Join us to find out as Warren shares his personal story and spiritual quest. It is Warren's mission to help people discover the true higher self within and in so doing, discover the higher self within him. There has been a tremendous transformation in his life that he has benefited from since 2004, when he was first consciously drawn towards the principles of personal development and self growth. He has taken bold new steps in the direction of his life and has experienced first hand the tremendous positive impact it has had on his children, his relationship, and on his life. Warren has experienced first hand the fear, the trepidation, the confusion and the pain. His intention is to help you as honestly and authentically as he can. Warren does not pretend to have all of the answers because he does not. He does not pretend to be some guru because he is not. To discover who you really are requires authentic self examination and reflection. It requires the courage to look clearly at who you are, warts and all. At times it can feel exhausting and at other times exhilarating. But it is always liberating and truly empowering. After a successful career which saw him rise to the corporate executive ranks, Warren could no longer ignore the persistent tugging of his Spirit and embarked on a new path in 2006. Amongst his ventures was the Inspired Abundance blog which has evolved into a platform for documenting Warren’s own spiritual journey. An Intrinsic Coach®, writer, and consultant, it was after connecting with Cathy Matarazzo, ostensibly to assist her with her business strategy, that Warren suddenly realized he had walked head first into his own profound Freedom Wake experience. Join us as we engage in a very down to earth, open hearted sharing as the Heart Doctor talks with her co-host the Intrinsic Guru!

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