Ep. 127 - Salomondrin's Let's Talk About Cars YO


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My SMF's!!! Sorry for the late podcast, but Pedro was a little under the weather at the end of last week and his sexy voice wasn't up for it. Thanks again for the suggestions this week. Here is what we ended up covering in this episode: What classic car would we like an automaker to bring back? (Fr3ddy802); The deal killer for us when buying a car! (Enzo101); Jaguar Land Rover is buying WHO?!; Farshad is getting an electric car!!!; Maserati is in big trouble with Ferrari (DirtyFiveThirtyGarage); MotorTrend was duped and Pedro is pissed off!; Finally, a perfect five seater for the US market!; There's a new RING LEADER of the car circus!; Is this going to be the new Mclaren P15!?; We have NO IDEA what we are doing!; Farshad's good news, bad news! Hope you guys enjoy!

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