Ep. 128 - Salomondrin's Let's Talk About Cars YO


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My SMF's!!! Thanks again for the suggestions this week. Here is what we ended up covering in this episode: If you were going to open a dealership, What brand of car would be your main one you would sell? (zach.harmon); Porsche is the speed king for now, but the Mclaren 720S is speeding up fast!!!; My secret car is a brand new...; Jake Paul not allowed to film his own car?!; Alfa-Romeo is finally a true italian company!; Who knows more about a car: a journalist or the actual car-enthusiast owner?; Has Rolls-Royce given up their foundation for BMW's profits?; Farshad's good news, bad news! Also, don't forget to come out and see us at Galpin Motors on Sunday Oct 8th from 10am-2pm. More info here: galpin.com/carshow Hope you guys enjoy!

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