Ep. 133 - Salomondrin's Let's Talk About Cars YO


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What's up you sexy mofo's!?! In today's podcast, we are joined by a special guest, Paul Wallace of Supercars of London. He traveled all the way from London to be in this podcast, and I am sure that he left disappointed. Here's what we discussed: - If you had to describe your sex life by a car lmao what car would you be (ADAMSPEED) - If you had to drive another's YouTubers cars for a year which YouTuber, what car and why? (TENZAIMEDIA) - Every automotive youtuber should owe one to Paul if it was not for him and his channel automotive youtubers would not have reach at the level were it is rite now. (KALPAN) - What’s the best car for any region in the world? (Jscott) - American Super Car Scene & Car Culture vs the UK (PAGOLAX) - Did Hennessey finally create THE American Hypercar - Lamborghini Urus seen testing on the Nurburgring... Another lap time controversy incoming? (FORAKZAI) - Mclaren 720S wins car of the year - Road & Track Magazine - Farghini’s Good News Bad News

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