How I got Scammed!!! | Salomondrin LTACY #307


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What's up my G's!? This one is loaded with juicy information from the biggest scam, the OBJ debacle, and what happened to Pedro.

The show originally aired live on on 3/13/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it.

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Time Code

00:00 Instagram and Facebook down

00:42 Giants

02:35 Senna Insurance

05:26 Antonio Brown

07:13 Great Idea for a Business

11:40 Do you follow Soccer?

16:08 Daniel Suarez

20:32 Joe Rogen and Howard Stern

22:04 Dobre Brothers

22:41 Got my Real Estate License

25:10 F1 Show on Netflix

25:54 OBJ

27:27 Techart GT Street RS

28:35 UFC or Boxing

31:02 TATA

33:20 K-Egg Number

35:01 6x6 Video

35:30 Tesla

35:55 Bac Mono

37:00 Portugal

37:23 Elon Musk

38:09 Amazon and Rivian vs Tesla

39:55 Batista or Rimac

42:15 Rivian

43:28 What are you watching?

44:41 G63

45:58 YouTube Plaques

46:24 Toxic Comments

47:54 Doug Funny

50:10 Expedition Lemon

54:29 Car Wash Bill

55:00 Next Venture

57:26 When are you gonna game?

01:00:10 College Scandal

01:06:17 Mansory Bugatti

01:07:25 Turbo S or AMG GTR

01:09:30 Any Real Estate Videos

01:10:40 Speedtail

01:13:40 Buddy got scammed

01:24:10 Tesla vs VW

01:27:30 Box of Chocolate

01:28:15 Elon Musk or Steve Jobs

01:29:39 Buying Cars Online

01:30:50 Rolls Royce

01:34:10 Bugatti

01:35:00 Car into a woman

01:38:30 Pedro?

01:41:05 Corvette

01:42:22 UBER driver menu

01:44:09 How did belen feel about the stiffness test

01:47:43 Most beautiful car to come out lately

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