I know what my NEXT HYPERCAR will be! | Salomondrin LTACY #303


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What's up my G's!? Today's episode covers several topics from the Geneva Auto Show plus my wife's car broke down live on the podcast.

This show originally aired live on Salomondrin.com on 3/4/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on Salomondrin.com at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it.

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00:00 Intro
00:28 Batista
01:40 Breaking News
02:30 Parker’s 600LT
02:50 Am I getting a Bugatti
04:00 Pinafarina Car
04:38 Mclaren 600LT on Fire
05:15 Wife is Calling
05:57 Wife’s G Wagon is Dead
8:37 Its time for the Urus
9:31 More Beanies?
9:40 Orcas
10:45 China Law
12:00 Any Plans for the UK
12:45 How do you feel about Parker getting rid of his cars
14:00 Am I gettin the new Bugatti
15:14 Svipe Watch Gorilla
16:43 Tracking the Senna
17:08 Thought on New Egg
18:00 Any Plans to go to India
18:52 Mid Engine Corvette
19:45 GT63 4 door
21:00 Best Car for 60,000 Canadian Dollars
23:00 Thoughts on Ferrari
23:13 Roush Raptor
24:00 Cullinan
24:57 Looking out for at Geneva/ Senna
39:30 Whats the point of Fuck you money if you can say fuck you
42:00 Do you think the Senna would shut down on the ring
42:58 What are you expecting from Egg
44:30 What your relationship with RDB
45:00 What us your favorite alcoholic beverage
45:40 Why don’t you own a Tesla
48:10 Michael Jackson Doc
52:50 R Kelley
58:00 How long does it take to edit a photo
59:30 best time to lease and SUV
01:02:00 Uber for super cars
01:03:40 Tick Tock
01:04:10 Worst Car you ever own
01:06:00 Pagani

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