My Next Car... | Salomondrin LTACY #301 (ft. Paul Wallace & Seb Delanney)


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Paul Wallace (Supercars of London) and Seb Delanney stop by to chat everything from the current cars they own, the future of the automotive world, and getting robbed at gunpoint. Show originally aired live on on 2/7/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on at 4pm PST.

00:00 Intro

01:00 Seb Travels

4:16 Paul 720s Spider

9:22 Pauls Murci

13:19 David Villa Video

16:09 21 Savage

18:30 50 Cent

19:17 Brexit

20:17 10x10

20:25 Juca Hot Wheels

21:30 Pauls Paint job

24:00 10x10 and Raptor S

25:30 Do you hide your spouses?

33:30 Sam’s Drive through the world

35:20 Farghini getting a supercar?

42:30 Who would you save in an Autonomous Car?

48:05 Talking In Uber

554:55 Drunk vs High

56:21 Best used Supercar under 170K

58:54 Farshad’s Past comes back to haunt him

01:01:30 Gorilla and Businesses

01:06:30 What cars are in your garage?

01:15:40 How do you dry yourself after taking a shower?

01:23:30 Bud or Wax?

01:30:25 Hyper 5

01:38:38 Seb’s Car stolen

01:40:50 Rodrigo robbed in Mexico

01:42 :42 What car do you regret selling?

01:46:00 Farshad takes some syrup

01:49:20 Seb as Farshad’s Kid

01:51:15 Female audience

01:55:15 Pista and when is fast too fast

01:58:50 Front License Plates

01:59:25 Taycan and electrics

02:06:20 Hyper Cars

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