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What's up my G's!? This show originally aired live on on 4/15/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it.

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00:00 Intro

00:45 Season 4 Start off

01:20 Learning from your mistakes

05:43 Senna Fire reignited my fire

13:06 We all go through shit

16:48 Opening new Doors/Indy Long Beach

20:26 Formula 1

22:42 Our Logo on an Indy car

23:40 Moto GP

25:00 Bugatti Veyron

39:37 K Egg

31:50 Rimac

33:27 Pinafarina

33:51 Ivan and Tesla

42:42 Rimac and Hammond

46:33 Streetspeed

47:19 Senna Insurance

49:01 Maseratti 12c

50:29 Do you want to drive an F1 car?

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