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We've got a great podcast setup to speak about current events, bring in leaders and politicians, promote what's happening with domestic hemp companies and continue to set the record straight on this plant and its potential for ourselves and our country. We've got some new characters setup and intend to expand our message through our growing coalition of companies, associations, networks and strategic partners.

One of the main focal points of this first episode is CBD and cannabinoid supplement industry. We will be covering the challenges from 2017 that we've overcome, the obstacles facing us in 2018, and thoughts on the Industrial Hemp Farming Act (HR3530) of 2017. Our guests include Dani Billings Fontaine from Nature's Root, Stuart Tomc from CV Sciences, Tim Gordon from Functional Remedies and Lex Pelger from Bluebird Botanicals.

Learn more about this episode of Let's Talk Hemp at www.letstalkhemp.com. Got questions for future episodes? Email us at the422@letstalkhemp.com.

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