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In this episode, you'll hear how the future of hemp can impact our farmers throughout the country.

Today we talk with Patrick Flaherty from P F Design Lab, who is studying the entire supply chain of hemp in the United States to better understand where hemp can replace traditional materials.

With the progress over the past five years, no one is denying that the hemp market is making strides. At each event we attend, we sell out every seat, every venue, every time.

But while the hemp market in the United States continues to grow, there is still a disconnect between the farmers growing the hemp and the manufacturers who can make use out of it. Patrick Flaherty is interested in closing that gap.

Where do these gaps in the hemp market exist? Which everyday products could benefit from a hemp upgrade? And how many acres does it take to justify a processing plant?

This is an amazing story of the versatility and opportunity that remains largely untapped in the emerging hemp market.

"The issue is not the value of the material, it's moving the hemp around." - Patrick Flaherty

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