Your Marketability Leverages Your Negotiation Power to Get What You Want


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The Leverage Masters, Gina Gaudio Grace, Duvisio, and Andrea Adams-Miller,, interview Erin Strayer! Erin Strayer's Bio: Recovering Corporates and Entrepreneurs hire me to get them beyond the basics of business because most are indecisive, held hostage by their own fear and honestly … complacent. So, I help them move past the "I can’t do that…" "What’s the next step?" and then "I don’t know how" that is standing in their way. Bottom line, I provide executive-level accountability so that you and your business get the attention to detail they deserve, and you start excelling in your business making money! I set out to be the best – THE VERY BEST – in my field. I MASTERED vascular surgery within the first 9 months in the operating room, Month #13, I had a devastating skiing accident leaving me paralyzed for almost 4 months. Month #21, I was 22 years old. I signed my first of many contracts going on to being on cutting-edge cardiac teams all over the US and being contracted into hospital systems specifically to teach entire teams’ cardiac procedures and innovative techniques. AFTER SPENDING ALMOST 25 YEARS TRAVELING THE COUNTRY – SELF CONTRACTING MYSELF INTO HOSPITALS ALL OVER THE US & ACQUIRING OVER 40 ADDRESSES…I REALIZED I HAD A GIFT OF GETTING WHAT I WANTED. People were coming out of the woodwork for me to work with them, for them, representing their companies and training their people. Looking back each of these experiences has led to my now. Each of these experiences formed an emotion that I took action on To better myself, To form skills that I directly apply in my consulting packages and strategies that I present to my clients.

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