Creating a Remote Culture with Sara Sutton


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Whether you need to hire remote employees for your business or find your next freelance gig, our guest today can help. Sara Sutton is the CEO of FlexJobs, one of the world's largest remote job websites. In today's episode, Nick and Sara discuss how to promote culture as a fully-remote company, why the COVID crisis is an opportunity to rethink many of our core systems, and some tips and tricks for remote hiring from the perspective of both the employer and employee.

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Sara Sutton is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping people find jobs that make their lives better. She is the Founder and CEO of FlexJobs, a pioneering job service that helps people find flexible work options to fit their modern-day lives, and she recently launched as a resource for organizations and workers to learn and share remote work best practices. She was named as a Young Global Leader in 2014 by the World Economic Forum and also served on the community's Advisory Group.

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