Keith Ferrazzi, Making Remote Work Actually Work - FB Group Webinar


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Keith Ferrazzi is the Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a research and consulting firm that specializes in transforming the performance, capability, and engagement of the people in organizations who produce business results.

On this week’s episode, you’ll hear a portion of the webinar that Nick held with Keith on the “Making Remote Work Actually Work” Facebook Group. As companies everywhere have been forced to work remotely, we’re sharing the best practices of remote work, which Leverage has been living, breathing and promoting for over five years now.


  • The technology and tools that enable remote collaboration to increase productivity and improve processes across your team.
  • Integrating communication and project management tools; how to use them and how they differ.
  • How team productivity is usually lost in the office but can be optimized in a remote team.


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