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The longer I am traveling this earth, the more I think this life is a journey of discovery.

The first time I really lived in a foreign country, I realized all the ideals and beliefs I grew up with, were unique to my little universe.

This gave me my first stab at exploring, "Who am I?"

I have worked as a professional dancer, actor and yoga instructor. To me, these professions are all about exploration and self-discovery.

What appeals to me about acting, is getting inside the skin of someone who grew up in a very different environment than mine, yet discovering the parts of me that can merge with the character I am playing. I get to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Yoga is a journey to gain self-awareness. Developing the ability to live in the present.

We are multi-faceted beings. Different roles, people and environments can emphasis certain parts of our personality. This makes life rich and full. Maybe some of us don’t need to settle into sexuality or gender. I don’t want to be limited by labels, because once we metaphorically tattoo an identity on ourselves, the world gets a bit smaller.

Who am I? The answer to that is evolving.

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