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The BBC’s “science” unit announced they’ll be producing a new TV show following the life of Greta Thunberg. Were you wondering when the BBC will announce their TV show about the life of Boyan Slat and the ocean plastic clean-up system he invented at 16? Well, I have three words for you: how dare you?! Good for Greta. She’s proof that saying all the right things and pandering to all the right people leads to a life of rich rewards. Meanwhile, an all-time high of 90% of Americans say they’re satisfied with their personal lives. This via a recent Gallup poll. That number beats the previous high of 88%, recorded in 2003. However, a recent poll by WalletHub concluded that 1 in 3 consumers fear they’ll max out their credit card on any purchase over $100. If people are so satisfied, why do they borrow from the future just to survive today? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro music by Nick White, producer of The Statist Quo

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