47- Ronnie Altit: Shares How to Create and Maintain a Successful Business Culture


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On today's show,

Ronnie shares his secret ingredients to creating and maintaining a successful corporate culture.

He also covers,

⦁ The most important thing in business is building the corporate culture based on honesty, integrity, and trust ⦁ Why is important to be surrounded by people who are passionate, dedicated, who believe in the vision of your business and who represent the same values that your business is representing ⦁ Do what you love in the company of people who love what you do ⦁ The key values of his team are based on OTOD, HIT and ACEF concepts: One Team, One Dream; HIT aces; Accountability, Celebration, Efficiency, Service excellence ⦁ The standard that you walk past is the standard that you accept ⦁ What he means by 'pebble in the shoe' and how to fix it ⦁ Corporate culture starts at the top, but maintaining it is the responsibility of every single person is the organization ⦁ His Life Changing Questions are: Is this situation calamitous? and What can I do in accordance with my fundamental values to actually address what the scenario is that might have taken place? ⦁ Why is important to think about the 'what-if' when you are a leader in a business ⦁ The importance of having a clean desk and an organized meeting room ⦁ Sometimes he and his team escape from the business to remind themselves why they actually started it together ⦁ Things on his bucket list are: seeing the northern lights, going to Machu Pichu, skiing across Europe with his kids, going to Everest base camp ⦁ Why is important to make the most of the life and enjoy all of the wonders in the world ⦁ He wants to have a profound impact on everyone he meets and help them become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be

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