#10 Goal Setting, When Is The Right Time To Start A Business & Evaluating Risk


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In this episode we tackle goal setting: how to do it and how to simplify it. We also talk about the lessons learned reflecting on 12 months since starting a business and we give an overview on our current location, Chiang Mai.

When we woke on our first day in Chiang Mai, we sat out on our balcony, coffee in hand, and talked through goals we’d set in Bali and Vietnam, what we’ve achieved, what we hadn’t & why we hadn’t. Recalibrate and set more for the next 4 weeks in Thailand.

This activity that we force ourselves to do has become an important activity for many different reasons, all of which we explain to you in our 10th episode.

This month also marks 12 months of being self employed for Lucy. We talk through how it all came about, her main lessons and reflect on important moments. It’s a great listen if you have itchy feet or just starting out for yourself. You’re not alone in your thoughts.

We also discuss:

  • ?Goal setting
  • How to take the leap into self employment
  • Revisiting 12 months lessons on from starting a business
  • When is the right time to start a business?
  • Tips for moving through the feeling of being stuck
  • How to make a decision and become a doer
  • How to financially structure
  • When is the right time to start a business
  • Evaluating the risk
  • Fulfilment of being self employed
  • Advice for starting a business
  • Getting comfortable with the unknown own


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