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This episode is PACKED full of practical advise, tips and lessons we’ve learned to grow your business.

Firstly we talk through how to change your thinking and answer the IMPORTANT questions in order to develop your brand.

Having struggled for many days putting a website together for a new product we’re launching, we reminded ourselves that people buy your mission (your WHY), rather than your product features.

Focussing on features alone is lazy thinking until you have developed the deeper, more meaningful mission of the company. That’s what people are going to relate to.

In the second half of the episode, we cover the topic of sales. We’ve both grown so much since we learned the art of sales and want to share our thoughts on just how important it is in everyday life as well as business.

We cover some practical tips we use to get in front of people and build a strong relationship.

This episode covers loads of topics within the two broad categories of your mission and sales. More specifically:

Your Mission:

  • Why your mission is so important
  • Practical steps to define your WHY
  • Why you should stop thinking about your features and benefits and tackle the difficult questions in your business
  • How to stand out in a crowded market
  • No one cares about you or your product!
  • Storytelling & finding a narrative within your business
  • How to better understand your niche
  • How to evolve emotion within your brand


  • Why everything is sales
  • Why we need to stop seeing ‘sales’ as a negative word
  • How to leverage larger companies to grow your business
  • Practical methods to get in front of people
  • The power of your existing network & how to use it
  • How to write a great outreach email
  • When to send outreach emails
  • How to land the interview you want
  • Importance of lasting impressions



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