#21 Stop Thinking, Start Doing


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After a few weeks of feeling frustrated, irritated and overwhelmed, Ross finally has a breakthrough on getting out of his own mind to help push his businesses and ideas forward.

This common phase many people - business owners or employees - face, is all too common and tricky to alleviate.

We take you through the steps Ross took, and his advice on how he arrived feeling much more in control and productive.

In this episode of LIFE DESIGN DIARIES, we take you through:

  • Over thinking is bad for business
  • Chunking down your vision to simple steps in 24 hour periods
  • How to go from thinking to doing
  • It’s ok to be naive
  • Finding the perfect wrong answer
  • Failing is the only path

Our advice comes from inspiration from the Humans of New York interview with Tim Ferris and also taking some lessons from TETTA.

We hope you enjoy this episode and it helps you if you’re feeling stuck or deflated. We’d really love to hear you tips and hacks you find helpful too. Please share with us via our Instagram @lifedesigndiaries or via our website www.lifedesigndiaries.com.

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