#23 ASK | Striving As A Woman In 2018


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On this episode of LIFE DESIGN DIARIES, we answer another one of your questions. If you would like to ASK us a question, please visit https://www.lifedesigndiaries.com/ask

Here is the question in full:

“Often It feels like women need to have it all, career, family, beauty, social life, domestic control, finances in check. Statistically, even when women are in high power jobs they still end up doing more of the ‘home’ tasks... it’s just feels HARD. Even though it’s probably more equal than it ever has been.

Lucy do you ever struggle with your identity as a ‘woman’ and which of these things you ‘should be’ doing? And do you think Ross has the same worries?

Ross - for you as a white man, do you have any advice to woman feeling under confident because of these pressures?”

We candidly discuss how women progress and stand on an equal playing field in 2018, and our thoughts on how women can grow a family and work at the same time.

We also talk about how clickbait, fake news and influential voices are incorrectly informing our opinions, and how important it is to be able to shut out the noise and make your own mind up.

We break down how we personally keep things level and balanced in our own relationship.



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