#24 The 7 Books That Changed Our Lives | Mini Series Intro


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This is our first mini series covering The 7 Books That Changed Our Lives.

Books are a key part of our education and we get asked for book recommendations a lot from our listeners. Because of this, we wanted to put together a mini series covering our favourites to give you a great insight of each.

These will not simply be book reviews however. Instead, we want to pick out the key lesson we've taken from each book and how we applied it so you can see tangible application of the lessons in each book.

In this mini series, you will find out:

  • A short overview of each book
  • The key lesson we took from each book
  • How we applied that lesson to our life and how you can too

We’d love to hear your book recommendations! Head over to https://www.lifedesigndiaries.com to get in touch and listen to the whole mini series.

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