#32 Finding Your Business Idea With Dock & Bay Founder Andy Jefferies


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“I’ve spent my life always wanting to have my own business”

Welcome to another episode of life design diaries where Lucy and I share simplified knowledge to help you live a fulfilling life on your own terms.

Now, if you’ve ever found yourself wanting a business but you just don’t have the idea yet then this interview is for you!

Andy Jefferies from Dock & Bay tells us his story of how he struggled to find his business idea, how he eventually found it, and the rapid journey that has now lead him on. This journey includes quitting his corporate career, going travelling and eventually arriving at Dragons Den, which for our American listeners is similar to shark tank.

Dock and Bay’s first product was the original quick-dry beach towels and with a polished pitch and beautiful brand, they not only secured Deborah Meaden as a new business partner but the grabbed the attention of the public watching and sold over 6000 units in 48 hours.

Another persons attention they captured was mine, and so thats why I’m particularly excited to share with you my conversation with Andy Jefferies.



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