#33 ‘What A Melon’ Watermelon Water Founder Oliver Bolton on Winning The Virgin VOOM Crowdfunder Campaign And Validating Your Market


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When Oliver Bolton ordered 250,000 cans of his new drinks brand without any external market validation what so ever, he probably found himself in a little bit of a rut. Fast forward to today, he has not only made a success of that first business but evolved to create various drinks brands that you may have come across.

The particular brand I’m familiar with and enjoy is ‘What A Melon’ which is a brand of watermelon water.

In this conversation, Olly tells us how the idea for ‘What A Melon’ was born, his experience winning the Richard Brandson backed Virgin VOOM crowdfunded campaign which raising £77,000 and what life is now like as a drinks brand owner stocked in most food and drink retailers in the UK.

I spoke to Olly at their London HQ surrounded by as much melon merchandise as you could imagine. The walls were melon, the drinks were melon, the carpets were melon there was even a melon bike in the room.

Please enjoy my conversation with Oliver bolton



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