#40 Living The Dream With Johnny FD


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This episode I’m joined by Johnny FD - A full time digital nomad with many fingers in many pies and as you will hear during this episode, is LOVING every minute of his experience.

Welcome back to Life design diaries the business and lifestyle podcast and if there’s any man in the world blurring the lines between business and lifestyle it is Johnny FD.

For the last 10 years Johnny has been on the move, working on his businesses whilst travelling the globe and for Lucy and I, he was actually had a huge influence on our travels by introducing us to Chiang Mai.

Johnny has many ventures, he’s big in Ecommerce, building and selling three stores, has written books, is a frequent travel blogger and he’s earned over a million dollars whilst travelling. How do I know this? well, he releases his income report every month.

Why? you may be thinking. Listen to the podcast to find out..


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