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I feel strange.

I'm not quite as busy as I could be, and it's giving me more time for chats and side projects, but I'm feeling like I am not really doing anything productive.

Why are we so tuned to feel like doing paid work is productive, but doing exploration, investment in yourself and future-facing work is less important?

If it was anyone else, i'd be telling them to embrace the quiet times, and make best use of it... but following your own advice is far harder than dishing it out.

That was the LinkedIn post I stumbled across which lead me to todays guest.

I didn’t write this post, and neither did she, but it was her answer to this post, addressing this situation of feeling unproductive when focussing on yourself that got me fascinated into how she thinks.

Rachel Tillman is a psychotherapist, she helps people and organisations, successfully navigate change as they work toward wholeness and more meaningful engagement. She uses creative, refreshing, and honest ways to do this and believes work should be life-giving.

Yes, on this podcast we’ve had on what you’d call ‘successful’ founders of companies in recent weeks to learn how they built the brands they are so proud of, but I’m so excited to share with you this episode with Rachel and provide a fascinating perspective on a whole host of topics that can no doubt help all of us listening in whatever pursuit you have.

Just a quick caveat, none of Rachel’s advice should be taken as medical advice. More, her thoughts on these wide ranging topics

Its a good one, please enjoy my conversation with Rachel Tillman.


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