#8 ASK | How Do You Maintain Balance In A World Of Hyper Productivity And Perfectionism? PLUS | Minimalism, How To Get A Mentor & Avicii


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Our first Anonymous Question episode! If you want to submit your anonymous question for future episodes, head over to https://www.lifedesigndiaries.com/question and ask away.

We tackle a difficult topic in this episode: Hyper productivity and perfectionism. We answer ‘How do we maintain balance in life, work & relationships?'

With the current world hitting us from every angle with messages that we need to be better, richer, slimmer, more and live the ‘perfect’ life, we have some strong opinions on why this is wrong and how to manage it and take control.

We give a global perspective on the subject, having witnessed and studied how some of the far east behave and react.

We talk minimalism and the power it has to free the mind. After all, it’s important sometimes to ask yourself the question: What am I working so hard to keep up for? Is it the current pressures of society or is it your perception of those pressures?

We discuss the devastating news this week of DJ and producer Avicii. At only 28 years old it has come to light days ago that he sadly took his own life. Being the same age as him, this really hit home and made us evaluate some difficult questions on what happiness is and how you can never understand what someone else is thinking and so shouldn’t compare yourself to other people. It will only bring negativity.

Instead, the answer is surely to look internally. Focussing on yourself and doing the things YOU want to do.

We talk life coaches and mentors. How to find them and where we gather inspiration from.

Finally, we talk about how to do the things you want to do.


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