#9 Steve Jobs Advice, Monetizing Your Passion & Streamlining Your Life With David Ralph From Join Up Dots


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David Ralph is the host of the number 1 iTunes motivational podcast Entrepreneur Success Stories by Join Up Dots.

David is considered podcast royalty and has successfully monetized his passion, often earning 6 figures+ monthly through his podcast and other income streams.

David has interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and has grown his podcast empire to almost 1000 episodes to date.

We discuss David's story to get where he is today and how he designed his life to become one of the largest single produced podcasts in the world.

  • When to say 'Hell Yeah' and when to say No with Derek Sivers influence.
  • How to lose your ego
  • Taking the leap into entrepreneurship
  • Tackling burnout and how to streamline your life
  • Pareto's 80/20 law to productivity
  • Passive income and how to design a life with multiple income streams
  • Advice to David's younger self


Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Work Week

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