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Do you want to become self employed this year? Are you keen to find out what life is really like on the other side of having a job?

If you want to make the leap away from employment and earn your own living, this episode is for you.

Matthew Knight is a Strategy and Innovation Partner working for himself. Having left his job years ago to pursue this new path, Matthew has firsthand experience of the ups and downs that come with self employment.

In this episode, we discuss many of the areas that aren’t often told. Struggles with mental health, imposter syndrome, clients, companionship and more.

These are all such important topics, especially when you step into the uncertain path of self employment. I say this because going it alone brings a whole host of questions, choices and challenges. The so called ‘freedom’ that comes with working independently can very often lead to overwhelm, uncertainty and difficulty and we discuss our experiences of all these during this conversation.

Matthew was completely honest and authentic and I know this insight will be so useful to so many people in a similar situation.

Please enjoy my conversation with Matthew Knight.



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