Episode 45: Ain't no laws when you're drinking White Claws, with Matt Rutter (no known relation to Catherine)


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Catherine and Matt sit down to talk about the recent internal Sales Kick Off conference, how he pitches blockchain technology to new clients, the challenges he faces selling this new tech, and why he believes in Corda.

Matt Rutter
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Email: Matthew.rutter@r3.com

Catherine Rutter

Inside the episode..

  • Why Whiteclaw
  • Sales Kick Off
  • How to sell this new technology
  • How to sell Corda - Privacy, sescurity, interoperability
  • Challenges when selling this tech
  • Discount if sales come from this episode...
  • Why enterprise blockchain sales
  • Shout outs to lots of R3 employees

The office themed R3 intro
Information on Corda Enterprise
The Corda Difference - OS

Special Guest: Matt Rutter.

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