Ep 077: Stressed? It's time to trust your gut!


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Stress much? We do! Especially during a divorce or break up of any sort - relationship, job change, or even a move to a new place. That's why we called in the Doctor. Dr. Patrica May is a licensed Chiropractor state of California and specializes in functional medicine. She is an experienced practitioner of both Acupressure Relief Technique and Neurofeedback. Dr. May gives us even more reason to trust our gut when we think something's amiss. As she points out, our gut is our 2nd brain and how we feed it affects everything. Download and get ready to feel better. More details at http://www.docmay.net/ or email drpmay@att.net and schedule a free consult. Email info@lifelafterdivorce or message us at Life Lafter Divorce FB @lafterdivorce , Tweet at @lifelafterdivorce ,IG @life_lafter-divorce

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