Episode 53: Growth Junkies Unite, with Emily Ransone


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In this episode of Life Lessons, Gin and Sheri talk with Emily Ransone. Emily shares strategies that will help you grow into the best version of yourself. Emily is the author of Growth Junkies Unite, A Simple Guide to Reinvigorate Your Journey. As the owner of several successful businesses, Emily found that by all appearances she was thriving, however she felt depleted, disillusioned, and full of despair. She was lacking work/life balance, she was not living her passion, and her health was taking a hit. Emily created a new plan for better living and implemented the EOS system in her businesses, which freed up time and energy in her life, allowing her to follow her dreams and renew her health. While the EOS system is used in business models, the strategies can also be used in household management and personal relationships as well. Resources used for today’s podcast can be found here: https://growthjunkiesunite.com/vip/ https://growthjunkiesunite.com/meet-the-author/ http://tractionforgrowth.com/ Today’s podcast was made possible through our affiliation with the following companies. When you shop with us, you help us bring you further Life Lessons. Hungryroot: https://www.hungryroot.com/r/MQ9J6XIQ Dry Farm Wines: http://dryfarmwines.com/lifelessons You can also visit https://www.lifelessonscommunity.com/shop-with-us.html and shop with us at any time. Or you can make a donation directly through paypal.com using our email address: connect@lifelessonscommunity.com. Do you have a good news story, a listener-led lesson, or special quote to share? Email us at connect@lifelessonscommunity.com and listen each week to see if we share your submission. Join our Facebook community! Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/LifeLessonsWithGinAndSheri and become a member today. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you for listening!

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