Episode 73: 101 Clues to a Happy Life, with Alex Bäcker


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In this episode of Life Lessons, Gin and Sheri talk with Alex Bäcker. Alex holds 11 patents and was recently named one of MIT's Top 100 alumni. He is a scientist, inventor, speaker, and entrepreneur, and he has recently written a book called 101 Clues to a Happy Life. Alex shares tips such as how to get paid to travel, how to avoid the number one turn-off for people around you, how to dump toilet paper (and why it matters), how to successfully navigate divorce, and more. Resources used for today’s podcast can be found here: https://101clues.com/ Join our VIP community and help support the podcast! Go to https://www.lifelessonscommunity.com/VIP and become a member today. We can’t wait to connect with you there. Today’s podcast was made possible through our affiliation with the following company.. When you shop with us, you help us bring you further Life Lessons. https://beautycounter.com/sheribullock https://lifelessonscommunity.com/beautycounter You can also visit https://www.lifelessonscommunity.com/shop-with-us.html and shop with us at any time. Or you can make a monetary contribution directly at www.paypal.com/paypalme/lifelessonspodcast or in PayPal by searching our email address: connect@lifelessonscommunity.com. Do you have a good news story, a listener-led lesson, or a special quote to share? Email us at connect@lifelessonscommunity.com and listen each week to see if we share your submission. Thank you for listening!

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