Season 2, Ep 22: Living A Values-Driven Life


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You know those times in life when you don’t feel fulfilled!? You want to live a life that feels amazing and is driven by your values but, you don’t know how.

So, you look around at what others have, do what others tell you to do and you feel like you’re checking off boxes in life (, job, marriage, kids) that you thought would make you happy but, you’re still feeling unfulfilled. Sound like you?!

I used to be like that too...

This month 15 years ago I was graduating from high school. I had been accepted into a great college and my friends and family were super excited for me. Although my ego loved telling everyone that I was going to this great school, I knew in my gut that going to college wasn’t the right fit for me.

The pressure I felt from everyone in society to go to college was HUGE. I felt like although college wasn’t right for me, I couldn’t say no.

I realized pretty quickly that my gut was right and college wasn’t my thing. I stuck with it though, tried to make the best of it (thank God I found psychology and had the courage to major in it!) and graduated in 4 years.

At college graduation, I found myself in the same darn predicament as I felt at my high school graduation. I knew going into the corporate world wasn’t for me yet, I listened to everyone else who told me that it was THE next step.

Like college, I realized pretty quickly that it the corporate world wasn’t fulfilling to me. I felt majorly trapped, my creativity felt unexpressed, and I wanted a deeper connection with people. I didn’t know why I couldn’t just fit into the “normal” box and be happy.

Fast forward to my late 20s, after MANY years of disappointment and feeling unfulfilled when I stumbled upon life coaching to help me.

My coach gave me a values assessment and all those years of why I was unhappy suddenly made sense! My top values were freedom, creativity, spiritually and experience.

Within just a few minutes, I had a language around what I valued in life. **A FEW MINUTES!** This awareness was life changing. I started to base my life around MY values (instead of others) and the fulfillment I feel daily now is incredible.

I talk often about creating and having a life you love and to me, there’s no simpler way to do that then knowing your values. I know sometimes it can feel overwhelming to get what you want from life, but I mean it when I say that if you want something simple to implement big change, values is your way to go.

When I started dreaming about an episode about values, I knew I wanted to bring on my beautiful friend, Kate Snowise. Kate to me is the queen of values! She does a variety of assessments around values with her clients, including one she’s created herself!

Today on the show, Kate is going to give you the in’s and out’s of how to live a values driven life including a FREE resource on how to start to tap into your own values.

In this episode, you’ll hear firsthand just how powerful and simple living in your values can be (Spoiler: Kate’s story before she found her values is super interesting!) and walk away knowing how to tap into your values today.

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Books mentioned on this episode: "A New Earth" by: Eckhart Tolle and “Gifts of Imperfection” by: Brene Brown

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