025: Architectural Bucket List


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Today we are talking about Architectural Bucket lists. Everyone knows what a bucket list is – things you want to do or achieve in your life. For an architect, this could be visiting Therme Vals in Switzerland by Peter Zumthor, or if this was prior to 1969, maybe it would be smoking cigars with Mies van der Rohe.[Note: If you are reading this via email, you will have to click here to access the on-site audio player] Items that an architect would put on their Architectural Bucket list could cover a lot of ground, but that’s what we are going to be talking about today. Preparing for this show was actually agony for me because I tend to not identify with favorites. There is an ebb and flow to my interests and while I might really like something today, chances are better than good that I will replace this current object of my fascination with something else before too long.Never the less, let's see where our current interest lies as of today.PersonWho would you like to have as an ideal "Architect" buddy for your life/practice? I would assume that this would be a famous architect but it doesn’t have to be. But let’s put the caveat on here that they have to be living?Photo of Renzo Piano Photo: Eric Feferberg/AFP/AFP/Getty Images Photo of the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre Photo: Sergio Grazia/ADCK/Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre/RPBWAndrew I chose Renzo Piano. While there may be a language issue, as pointed out by Bob, I went a more professional route and chose him based on my appreciation for his work and the impact his friendship might have on my own work. So for this one, it would be a true "architecture buddy". I think Renzo is thoughtful in his work and he has a fantastic sense of detail and creativity. He has long been an architect that I admire, so therefore I would want him for my practice side of life. As noted in our conversations, I chose a different direction of thought than Borson on this one.Photo of Tom Kundig: Juliana Sohn for The Wall Street Journal.Photo of the Delta Shelter: Tim Bies/Olson Kundig Architects.Bob This was a tough one for me because most of the architects who I admire are probably too mature to actually enjoy spending time with me. Answering this question came down to narrowing a few perceived character traits. Do they like to party? Could we talk about something other than architecture? And for what traits have I selected them? Design? Technical prowess? Business acumen? Originality in their thinking? How about all of these items? For that reason, I went with Tom Kundig. On one hand, this seems like it would be a popular choice, the non-architect’s choice, but I chose Tom because I like the technical nature in which he designs appeals to my own process. I would live in every house he has ever designed, he looks like he enjoys what he does and despite the ability to change the scale of the projects he tackles he has continued to accept and design single-family residential works.I almost went with Omar Ghandi but he seems either so cool as to appear disinterested in everything or maybe he’s mean. Every project of his I love but whenever I see pictures of him, he seems too intense to be my friend ... but maybe I'm wrong about that.PlaceThis would be a location you would like to visit. It could be a broad point and/or a very specific one … I’m not even sure that it has to be “architectural”.A riverside view in Bavaria, Bamberg, Germanyphoto credit FOROLIA/APAndrew I chose a region of a country for this one. Bavaria Germany was my choice as a "place". I have never been to this area so it holds a romantic mystique for me. I feel drawn by my ideas of the mixture of landscape, history, architecture, food, and drink. I believe I would enjoy this area for all of those reasons and more. While I am a "modernist" at heart, the idea of traveling through medieval towns and visiting castles while enjoying great food and beer sounds like the best experience imaginable.

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