LR 054: Dream Interpetation


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Garrett and Tamara get back to the podcast's roots as Garrett shares his latest recovery theory - why he drank in the first place. He also discusses a recent conversation that sheds light on how sobriety conversations in various settings continue to be impactful, even after he's spent over 2 years in recovery.

Garrett recounts his latest dream about his dog, Dodger (RIP), and Tamara offers her interpretation. Tamara then shares the 3 consecutive dreams she had, and Garrett goes deep on his translation of their meanings.

Garrett is a huge fan of the Apple card, and Tamara continues to learn new things every day - this time, that their entire podcast format is loosely based on one of Garrett's favorite podcasts!

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation." -Henry David Thoreau

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