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Welcome to Life Transformation Radio. In this episode, Audrey Lawrence and I discuss mastering the art of self disruption. So if you want to learn more about how disruption is the catalyst of change, how to navigate through change, and understand that only you get to decide if the changes made are for the better. Tune in now! In this episode, you'll discover: Disruption is the catalyst of change Navigate through change Decide if the changes made are for the better About Audrey An author and voracious learner Audrey has earned certifications from MIT, Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, and Berkeley and continues to add. Whether Audrey is speaking about leadership and the digital transformation or entrepreneurship or presenting at her workshop, radio show, or her podcast about her book -It's Always Motivating! Audrey loves to engage an audience and is excited to represent your team. More Information Learn more about Audrey by visiting Thanks for Tuning In!

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