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Happy Pride and Happy Sex. So let's talk about sex and pride. What makes good sex? What's a desire? Why do we shame sex? We ask these types of questions and then still wonder why the LGBTQ community can be so screwed up about sex and love. Well maybe need to admit, that as humans we tend to shame thoughts of sex when what we need to do is celebrate that we are sexual beings.

Join Robb Kornoelje (pronounced core-new-l-yeah), sex therapist and I as we explore sexual desires and pride of being sexual beings without shame. If you're not into penis talk you might not want to listen to this one. Or maybe you should - wink, wink.

About Robb

Robb brings a diverse set of experiences to the uncloseted world. His story is not all that uncommon. He believed that if anyone ever knew he was gay that they would reject him. After being a pastor for 18 years, married to a woman with three children together that fear was substantiated when he came out in 2013. After a few years of struggling to land on his feet Robb went back to school to get his master’s degree in counseling. In 2019, he graduated and started a private practice for mental health called The Truism Center in Grand Rapids, MI. He currently specializes in Sex Therapy for individuals and couples and is an expert in helping people sort out their issues with faith and sexuality.

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