463: From Pastor’s Wife To Taking Care Of Orgasms – Sabrina Torres


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At 19 she was married. Didn't got to college. Became the Mom of three autistic kids, and in her kids playgroup, she fell in love - real love - with the woman who would one day become her wife. Sabrina Torres shares her journey from pastors wife to owner of thriving online adult sex toy store. Buckle up kiddies, we're no longer sitting in the pews, but the life she is leading is her truth and her blessing and its the inspiration for you to Make Yourself Happy.™️

About Sabrina

She went from depressed pastor's wife to out, thriving, sex toy shop owner. Her story is essentially a journey of becoming a seeker of happiness. She found that first in coming out, then in becoming an entrepreneur, and being able to care for her family (no small feat with 4 kids with autism), and finally to recently opening an online adult toy store that focuses on women taking charge of their sexuality. Her Motto and tagline for her sex toy business - Make Yourself Happy.™️ You can see that store HERE.

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