The Power of Purpose


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The MAIA Life Method was co-founded by The Jens, JC and Jen. The Jens are master manifesters who help stressed people find, sustain, and utilize soul serenity. Their mission is to help others transcend heavy living into joyful living that lights them up with love, purpose, meaning, and serenity.


JC is a witty, animated lightworker. As a highly functional person with life-long anxiety and depression, she struggled to find meaning in her career as a US Air Force officer. Her dark times gave her the strength to revisit her life experiences and revisit her true purpose in life. A life-long student of ancient wisdom, JC has the gift of helping others grow through life.


Jen is a wise, gentle soul and empathic healer. Her heritage comes from over 400 years of native New Mexicans. Her life journey is filled with stories of overcoming trauma and adversity, all while remaining steadfast in her beliefs. Various challenges resulted in Jen struggling with, and overcoming chronic PTSD. When life presented her with the opportunity to reconnect deeply with her true self, she closed her private law practice to follow her true calling.

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