De-Occulting The Mysteries And Dark Agendas W/ Corey Daniel


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Cory Daniel is a 3rd generation Phoenician, writer/researcher and professional guide currently living in the Phoenix area. Raised in the Valley of the Sun the Phoenix Mountain Preserves provided an early introduction to the Sonoran desert, and it was here he took a strong interest in the local desert Flora. This, in turn, led to a passion for Ethnobotany, and later everything Native American and old west.
The Phoenix Enigma is devoted to decoding and reverse-engineering esoteric symbolism, examining a myriad of esoteric topics including Freemasonry, physics, sacred geometry, numerology, gematria, politics, architecture, and ancient religions and mystery schools; sciences which form the foundations of the institutions of civilization. These sciences are well known by many, however, most fail to understand how they have been used by esoteric organizations throughout the ages for the control and manipulation of others.
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