Plants Of The Devil With Corinne Boyer


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In this edition of the broadcast, we talk to Corinne Boyer. Corinne Boyer is a folk herbalist, teacher, and writer with a passion for traditions surrounding plants and folk magic. She has been studying and working with plants since 1998. Corinne has taught community herb classes since 2005 and teaches weekly classes out of her home with a focus on wildcrafting, medicine making, plant lore, folk medicine, and traditional magic. She has been published in various journals with articles about plant lore and history. She has created a free quarterly herbal newsletter called The Gathering
Basket, distributed to her local community since 2012. Her first book is Under the Witching Tree, published by Troy Books, and is part of a trilogy with two forthcoming volumes. Her second book is titled Plants of the Devil, She lives with her family in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

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