Ufology And Conducting Investigations W/ UFOSEEKER'S Tim Doyle


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Our mission is to investigate UFO sightings and Alien reports utilizing modern technology, in an attempt to document evidence for the witness(es), alien abductees, and/or experiencers in a serious manner, by spending time in the field sky-watching or searching for evidence. Investigations are showcased through our YouTube Channel.
As part of our workload, we spend time in the field sky-watching for UFO activity 365 days a year. This workload typically occurs at night on a daily basis using video/photography, allowing us to catch UFOs, unpredictable events, or atmospheric phenomenon and to familiarize ourselves with these observable objects to assist us in our mission of helping individuals identify what they themselves have observed.
We utilize video, photography, night vision, sensor analysis, environment analysis, and more.
3rd Hour A Terrifying Encounter WIth Lady Ann From The Caravan Of Lore
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