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Stories Girls and Boys want to hear when the lights go out. Sparking imagination in angels and heroes dreams with closed eyes, active listening as they drift off to dream land.
This podcast is a collection of a father's bedtime stories for his angels, and now a Knight! Sometimes a bit scary, sometimes sad but mostly happy.
This podcast will have 3 kinds of stories:
1. Reading from a Children's book
2. A E3D - Remix of a children's Book
3. An E3D - Original - Just hit Record and Off the story goes - A life of its own.
I hope your children can enjoy some stories from a father's Heart!
**If you would like to request a story - Please visit the Google Form Below and enter your details**
From the Form:
I have been telling my girls stories for over 7 years now and they can't get enough of it. Now I have a 3rd and also several nieces and nephews under 8, I really would like to venture deeper into the art of storytelling that sparks imagination in young children's minds. The idea of recording stories for my kids has been in my mind for years and I am really excited about the idea that my grandchildren will be listening to the exact same voice as their mum or dad did when they were growing up!
In a world full of tech, I just want my children to enjoy the experience of listening to voice, and making pictures in their minds. As an educator I have come to notice that the inability to picture things in the mind can add struggle to young children as they go through school.
― Albert Einstein said:
“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
I would like my children to have the huge joy of imagination.
This podcast is for kids SO - there will be no fancy jingles, no long intros, no ads. Just a story that starts "Once upon a time...
Because ALL of the E3D Original stories are improvised I have had to transcribe the ones I wanted to make better. I have come across this cool app called 'Otter' that gives me loads of free transcribing minutes, lets me edit and download doc, pdf and lots more. The free version if enough for me by a long way!!
If you want to check it out and join for free - AND do me a favor as it allows me to have a month of the premium for every person that joins - This will allow me to transcribe more of my original stories so I can upload them and make them better fo the little angels!

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